For those who want to write their own copy, and eat their cake too. 

Sure, you’d like a full, done-for-you copywriting service, but you’d also like a new car, no mortgage and Celine Dion playing on radio stations 24/7.

But those things aren’t a reality just now (Celine, we live in hope), because you’re just starting out, and everyone wants a piece of your bank account. So you’ve decided to DIY your copy, because how hard can it be, amiright?

Because it’s hard.
So very hard.

What if you could DIY your copywriting and get professional advice all for a fraction of the cost? 

Here’s where my Dirty Squiz copywriting consult comes in. I’ll review your DIY copy and give feedback with a detailed spreadsheet and a recorded video walkthrough chock full of strategy, psychology and suggestions to optimise your words. No more time-wasting, second-guessing, or sending half-done Google Docs to family who pretend to care.

You can save money, sound like a pro, and salvage your relationship with your siblings.

Let's get cracking.

“Marisa covered so much during the Dirty Squiz copy consult, she's a literal whiz.”

The questionnaire she sent out beforehand was invaluable too in terms of getting me to think more about the tone of my website and meant that she was able to launch straight in with suggestions that were really on the mark. I highly recommend this service to anyone wanting a low-cost (but still hugely effective) way to polish up and refine their existing copy or website. Thank you Marisa!! 

I was left with a tonne of actionable tips and strategies to tweak and polish up what I'd written, and she even gave some great suggestions on layout and formatting.

What Dirty Squiz is:

Brand Questionnaire to deep dive into your brand

Video walkthrough with strategy + suggestions for your DIY copy

2 hr window of Voxer support to ask Qs after feedback + tweak your DIY copy

Dirty Squiz

How’s it different from other consults?

Most other consults aren’t called Dirty Squiz, and most other consults give you a one-and-done Zoom call.

Which is great. But then?

You start making changes, and the indecision sets in. You’re left to agonise over different headlines, CTAs and word choices by yourself.

If only you had a professional sounding board to bounce your ideas off as they come up.

Enter Dirty Squiz. She’s different from the others. And a lot more helpful.

Here’s why: after your initial feedback video walkthrough, you’ll get 1 morning of Voxer support to answer all your questions once we've made the tweaks. 

Did someone say hold your hand? It’s gonna get cosy. 


 Stop the indecision and finally finish your copy


Get proven strategies that’ll convert to sales


Optimise your site for user experience (UX)


Zhoosh up existing copy so you actually love it


Hit publish on your site + start selling!

For anyone who needs to

“She's not just a copywriter - she's a brand strategist. ”

She knows how to take your brand to the next level and make it stand out in a crowded market. With Marisa on your team, you're in good hands.

- Tam, Scooch Marketing


An in-depth questionnaire

To help nail down your why, your brand voice and your unique offerings.


A walkthrough feedback video

An Loom video where I give strategy, psychology + UX (user experience) feedback and suggestions.


A spreadsheet with suggestions

An easy-reference spreadsheet outlining what I’ve said in the Loom video.


One morning of Voxer support to answer all your questions

We'll nominate 1 morning of Voxer support within 2 weeks of our consult.


Copywriting that moonlights as a professional

Cue the conversion and the compliments.

You'll get

i already love your brand


Your words + my zone of genius = copy that sells. 


Let’s do this DIY thing




stay a awhile + read


gET all the insights


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