The writer, thinker and middle child behind the words that make brands loved. 

Creative copywriter

I wasn’t always the creative director of DIRTY Copy. I used to be an English teacher. Of teenagers. For 11 years. 

You can imagine my relief when the universe brought copywriting my way. It was one of life’s kindest plot twists. 

Very quickly I became obsessed with the way words can transform a brand. My dream job. I launched into a year of learning everything copywriting. I was captivated by the strategy, the psychology, the user experience (UX) and the creativity. 

And I got sold business things. A lot of them. By course creators. By expert marketers. By digital gurus.

But here’s the thing. Despite loving their products and services, I didn’t buy from most of them a second time. I wasn’t compelled to jump on their latest drop, stalk them online, or subscribe to their latest digital products.

They didn’t make me feel.
They didn’t make me laugh.
They didn’t make me go ‘oh damnnn that’s good.’


Slow walkers, non-competitive board game players, Celine haters

I wanted their products but I wasn’t invested in their brand. 

Hi, I'm Marisa

But back to the middle child thing...

Forgotten, ignored, sandwiched between 4 other children. You know, just the usual. (They make memes about us now.) 

Like your brand, I had to do something to get attention. So I became a nerd. I’m talking writing romantic novels at age 7, devouring Pride & Prejudice at age 10, and winning a national essay contest at age 17. Degrees in English Literature and Music, becoming a highschool Music and English teacher and collecting a Proofreading & Editing diploma in between (yawn).

Throw in way too many copywriting courses (UX, psychology, conversion), and you’re not just in the hands of a rookie wannabe who threw the word ‘copywriter’ on their IG profile.

I understand that knowing how to write and knowing how to sell are two different things.

And that personality is a gamechanger for your brand.

And the only way to get it?

Through copywriting that has a unique voice and messaging that demands attention.

You want repeat customers who are loyal, devoted and follow you with passion.  

Because you don’t want people to buy from you just once. 

I’m the expert who’s ready to approach your brand with the mind of a comedian, strategy of a psychologist and humility of an influencer.

a few snippets

You should know about me


love being a mum to these two!


finally got an ebook reader and i love her (don’t tell the purists)


obsessed with everything non-toxic. diy potions. skincare. earthing.


live near the beach. happiest outdoors.


“Marisa is the kind of person that when you see or in this instance read her work, you know you want to work with her. "

From my very first communication with Marisa she started following my brand with interest and by the time we actually locked in a copy writing project she had such a great understanding of my brand and did an amazing job. It was like everything that I wanted to say but did not know where or how to start all came together on the page. 

- Penny

Brooke, olivier

“Working with Marisa was such a dream. "

It’s very clear that not only is she an absolute pro, she makes the process so easy and wants to make sure you 100% love the copy she creates.
The way she can tweak the content to sound like your perfect tone and breakthrough the boring stuff to make copy that sounds fun, engaging and turn customers into a click frenzy is a testament to her skill.
Working with Marisa you can guarantee a structured yet fun process and walk away with a new biz bestie!

- Brooke

Adrianne, Jerrett Digital

“I've done a lot of writing in my career but copywriting is it's own unique artform, and Marisa has nailed it. "

She put my own voice into words better than I ever could and made my personality shine through.
I loved every part of working with Marisa, she is such a fun, friendly person and makes the whole process feel like a breeze. I would (and do) highly recommend Marisa for anyone in need of copywriting. 

- Adrianne

let's work together

And make them swoon

I’ll work with you to communicate your brand’s personality in a way that gets it seen, known, loved….AND the customers gushing (are we ok with that word?).

Back to swooning then. 

Here’s the thing about personality: there’s no one-size-fits all. 



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